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  ring sizes

when buying on the internet, please do not mistake the ring size. How to measure the correct size or ring size, here are some tips:

How to measure ring size with virtual ring size. This technique requires you to print a virtual ring sizer.


On this ring, size is represented in many circles that correspond to different sizes of rings.

After you printed the ring sizes and checked the scale using a ruler, put a ring on the right size ring size and its internal diameter prop with that of the corresponding circle (see diagram below).

By moving different circles, choose a ring with the best size and place it at the size of the ring.

Move the ring on the ring clasp to find a circle whose diameter exactly matches the inner diameter of the ring. Congratulations, you just found the ring size you need! Diameter rings, virtual ring size verification

Use a ruler to measure the size of a ring to how to measure ring size

If you have a ring of the right size, you can use a ruler or a caliper to find the value of the ring’s inner diameter.


                           necklace sizes

The necklace chart below measures from the back of the neck to the longest hanging distance of the necklace on the neck. Measure the desired length in inches that you desire, then email us to help you find the perfect size for you.

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